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author: @ekilah
created_at: 2020-05-16
updated_at: 2020-05-17

Getting Started with Feral and Deluge

Getting a new seedbox up and running on Feralhosting with the Deluge client is mostly easy.

Feralhosting is a cheap option for a hosted seedbox. They provide some click-to-install software options for common use cases, and their storage and data rates seem fairly competitive. My limited contact with their support team has also been pleasant.

Installing dependencies

On the seedbox

Clicking around on the Feral dashboard, you can install the Deluge client from their Software page. Feral will provide a URL and login information shortly after choosing to install it. The client you install on Feral will run 24/7, and the web UI is good enough to get started.

Later, we’ll also (optionally) set up a local Deluge client that can control the daemon running on your seedbox, so you don’t have to use the web UI if you prefer a native client.

printf "$(hostname -f)\n$(whoami)\n$(sed -rn 's/(.*)"daemon_port": (.*),/\2/p' ~/.config/deluge/core.conf)\n$(sed -rn "s/$(whoami):(.*):(.*)/\1/p" ~/.config/deluge/auth)\n"

On your local machine

Follow these instructions to get a local Deluge client running, if you don’t prefer the web client. It’s my understanding that most plugins for Deluge will require using something other than the web client, and managing the UI is just a bit nicer when you can do things like right-click (imo).

If it doesn’t let you click “Connect”, the port Feral allocated to you for incomming connections might be conficting with another user on the same box. Contact their support if this happens; they may have to change your config for you.

You can tell if there is an issue by looking at ~/.config/deluge/deluged.log on your Feral box, and look for this error: Couldn't listen on any:XXXXX: [Errno 98] Address already in use. (Xs are the port number from the printf above) (source).

From either client

These steps will work no matter which way you choose to connect to the daemon on the seedbox - via the web UI, the local thin client, or even with the deluge-client CLI.

Optional stuff

Host ssh_alias_here
  User my_ssh_username_here
  HostName my_boxname_here.feralhosting.com
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

And that’s it! You’ve got a cheap seedbox with great bandwidth and a simple configuration ready to go.